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Winetourism in Bergerac and Duras

On the road of the TOP 10 Experiences 2017

Greedy, festive, artistic and secret at the same time, the Bergerac and Duras Wine Route and its 130 estates take by surprise those who venture their dreamy vineyards. Every year, 10 chateaux stand out by the quality of their oenotouristic experiences and they are awarded by the TOP 10 Experiences Wine Route, which is a competition organized by Bergerac and Duras Wines. At a time when you are probably booking your next trip in PĂ©rigord, Le Mag 247 brings you on the Wine Route to meet the winners of TOP 10 Experiences 2017.

Tasting cellars: the battle

A traditional cellar with walls full of wine scenes and its furniture made of recycled oak barrels. At the heart of the Monbazillac vineyard, the Castaing family transmits a friendly and family welcome in the spirit of the place.


A bright new light-flooded cellar with their tasting area and their nice shop with a delicatessen section where you can find the best of local products. Elegance and service sense describe well the welcome reserved by the winemaker David Fourtout and his team.

Results: they are placed equals in the ranking of course! Because they both offer an amazing welcome and a privileged exchange with the tourists of the Bergerac and Duras Wine Route.

Art and Wine of Bergerac: top-level meeting

On the uplands around Colombier, the Château de la Jaubertie honors every year a new artist.

In 2017, the fancy exposition of the photograph Rip Hopkins was very much appreciated by everyone, named “Les anglais en Périgord” (i.e. English people in Périgord). It was a knowing wink to the owners Hugh and Ann Ryman who are English.

Which artist will highlight this elegant chateau with its bio and nature interests in 2018?



The best of the gourmet markets in the estate

In the summer, gourmet markets are a complete success in PĂ©rigord.

The one of Château de Panisseau is not an exception to the rule. Its cosmopolitan atmosphere is appreciated: Belgian, Dutch, and Spanish people gather around the table with the locals in the castle courtyard to savour the pastries sold by colourful English people. Live music and good wine are part of the atmosphere as well.

At the Domaine du Siorac, the “gourmet evening in the farm” celebrates its 15th birthday this year. Indeed, the program is unstoppable with their local producers, good music, the property’s wines and the sense of welcoming of the Landat family!

Winemakers’ secrets: the bio Wednesdays


In Berticot, the cooperative cellar of Duras, every Wednesday you can participate in a guided tour of the organic vineyard accompanied by a cooperative winemaker. Your guide of the day will answer questions, show you the property, from the vines to the winery (impressive tool), and help you uncover the secret of the organic wine.

The tour ends with a tasting and you can also reserve a picnic.

Dinner at the heart of the vines

Barbecue party, winemaker lodge, temporary restaurant: here you have 3 original ways to eat at the heart of the vines!

Every Friday in summer, the Domaine du Grand Mayne throws a big barbecue party. The atmosphere is festive, and you will be front row to watch a wonderful sunset on Duras vineyard.

The view is also impressive from the winemaker lodge of Moulins de Boisse. In order to build up your appetite, what better way to climb through the vines up to the famous windmills! Then you will have an aperitif or a traditional winemaker meal.

Immerse yourself in a new experience in Château Feely with the temporary restaurant at the heart of the vines. You will be served a fine meal with matching wine and food, especially concocted by a chef, and your senses will be stimulated by the incredible view on the biodynamic vineyard of Sean and Caro Feely.

Barbecue Party at the Domaine du Grand Mayne

Sleeping at the heart of the vines


The Château du Haut-Pezaud in Monbazillac proposes plenty of activities from educational tour and paper chase to tastings. You can even celebrate the Belgian National Day with the winemaker Christine Borgers. You can also sleep at the heart of the vines thanks to their adapted camper area. A real nature moment, and a peace and quiet place to enjoy your holidays in Dordogne.

This TOP 10 Experiences made you mouth water? Do not hesitate to contact the winemakers to organize your next weekend in PĂ©rigord!

How to contact the TOP 10 winemakers?

Domaine de Grange Neuve
Famille Castaing – Grange Neuve 24240 POMPORT
TĂ©l : 05 53 58 42 23 – –

Vignoble des Verdots
David Fourtout – Les Verdots 24560 CONNE-DE-LABARDE
TĂ©l : 05 53 58 34 31 – –

Château de la Jaubertie
Famille Ryman – La Jaubertie 24560 COLOMBIER
TĂ©l : 05 53 58 32 11 – –

Château de Panisseau
24240 THENAC
TĂ©l : 05 53 58 40 03 – 06 20 90 32 67 – –

Domaine du Siorac
Famille Landat – Siorac 24500 SAINT-AUBIN-DE-CADELECH
TĂ©l : 05 53 74 52 90 – –

Cave coopérative – Route de Sainte-Foy-la-Grande 47120 DURAS
TĂ©l : 05 53 83 75 47 – –

Domaine du Grand Mayne
Mathieu Crosnier – Le Grand Mayne 47120 VILLENEUVE-DE-DURAS
TĂ©l : 05 53 94 74 17 – –

Vignoble des Moulins de Boisse
Bernard et Stéphanie Molle – Le bourg, Route des Faurilles 24560 BOISSE
TĂ©l : 05 53 24 12 01 – 06 84 37 76 77 – –

Château Feely
Caro Feely – La Garrigue 24240 SAUSSIGNAC
TĂ©l : 05 53 22 72 71 – –

Château du Haut-Pezaud
Christine Borgers – Les Pezauds 24240 MONBAZILLAC
TĂ©l : 05 53 73 01 02 – 06 70 75 56 72 – –

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