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Rosette or the story of a rebirth

Rosette is one of the oldest appellations of the Bergeracois vineyard, located at the heart of the famous North Vinée shared with the pretty red wines of Pécharmant. However, Rosette was about to die.
Fortunately, adventurers, winemakers and initiators came to rescue this fresh, delicate and fashion soft wine!


Rosette vineyard was, like Pécharmant, part of the North Vinée of Bergerac.

However, unlike the latter, it was hard for Rosette to recover from the phylloxera crisis of 1881.

And despite the creation by decree of the appellation in 1946 until nearly two decades, there were only 4 hardliners who were still producing Rosette wines.

The truth is that, at the end of the 1980s, people were not really fond of soft wines, the forest had taken its rights back on the vineyard and urbanization made pressure on them.

Nevertheless, at the beginning of the 2000s, young winemakers, newly installed in Bergerac and Pécharmant, felt a return of soft wines. So, they made a crazy bet: to relaunch the Rosette production.

Here we go for the recapture: clearing, fixing winery up, investing.

And at the end, we seduce!

Unique softness

With soft and sweet wines, Bergerac vineyard has a large range of amazing sugary wines. Amongst them, Rosette shows a unique typicity.

The “fault” remains on the particular terroir with its sandy and acidic soils orientated South which permit to harvest golden white and fruity grapes when they’re ripened, but without a noble rot.

Results: a soft wine with a little bit of sugar –residual sugars lie between 25 and 51 g/L – with a great freshness, dominated by the fruit and floral aromas.

An absolute greed!

As an aside

The Rosette grape varieties: white or grey Sauvignon (15% minimum), Sémillon and Muscadelle

Keep: to be enjoyed preferably in the 2 years following the bottling.

Serving temperature: 8 to 10°C / 46.4 to 50°F

2 menus, 2 options: you choose, or you mix!

All cooked


Roquefort crakers


Périgord cabécou breaded with walnut and salad


Roast farm chicken and French fries


Peaches salad with Rosemary



Toasts of truffled foie gras from Périgord


Prawns marinated in lemon, honey and coriander


Veal cutlet with Rosette et mushrooms


Bitter chocolate mousse and crystallized ginger

  18° Bergerac Rosé
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