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Slow tourism experiment in Saussignac…

Are you tired? Stressed out? Pale? And need to get away? Give yourself a break, a real one! Before the same old routine ends up killing you, for goodness’ sake! Throw away your vitamins and come join us in PĂ©rigord. Our prescription: an authentic experience of ‘slow tourism’ in Saussignac!

What is slow tourism?

Slow tourism is a trendy travel concept that was inspired by slow food, a movement that started in Italy in the 1980s in opposition to junk food, which incites people to take the time to enjoy good products and quality time. Applied to travel, slow tourism consists in taking the time to discover a new destination – without sticking to a busy program or exhausting ourselves in a never-ending race to museums – in order to soak up the landscapes and the art of living local, in close contact with the population. Slow tourism also means being willing to travel responsibly, choosing and prioritising environmentally friendly means of transport (on foot, by bike or by train).


Saussignac, the perfect destination for the slow tourist

If PĂ©rigord as a whole seems to be the perfect playground to practice slow tourism, then Saussignac – a small village of 500 souls located in the heart of the Bergerac vineyard – fits particularly well to the idea!

Since we are here to share good deals, here is our guide to ‘slow life’ in Saussignac:


Sleep like a baby at ChĂąteau Feely

Caro and Sean Feely are at the head of a beautiful 14 hectares biodynamic wine estate that produces wines of Bergerac and Saussignac.

They welcome you within their cottages – Wine Lodge and Wine Cottage – all year round. With a splendid view of their vineyard and its preserved environment, these two lovely accommodations combine the charm of the old with contemporary decoration. A peaceful sanctuary where writers and artists often come to unwind, which was rewarded in 2016 with a Best of 2016 Wine Tourism and which was ranked as one of the Top 10 experiences of the ‘Route des Vins Bergerac Duras’.

Another detail but not the least: you can come by train! Caro will come and pick you up at the Gardonne train station – situated only 5 km away – and once on site, you can use the bikes provided by the domain.


Cook slow food and organic

Not far away from Chñteau Feely, you can go grocery shopping at l’Ecolieu de Cablanc. This organic farm produces and sells old and local varieties of fruit and vegetables.

You can also learn about permaculture or attend the conferences of an ethnobotanist. Exhibitions and activities for children are also available.

Note that Caro and Sean also offer a concierge service: make a list of what you need and you’ll find the fridge full of tasty local products on your arrival! All that you need to concoct a delicious chicken with Saussignac wine!


Or go to the restaurant by foot!

Fed up with cooking? The town of Saussignac has two restaurants to which you can walk to from ChĂąteau Feely. The CafĂ© 1500, established in an old barn that was completely renovated, is absolutely charming and offers a fresh seasonal and local cuisine. The Lion d’Or will also serve you a generous and more traditional PĂ©rigord cuisine, so that you can remember what you learnt in our Mag247.


Trek through the vines and chĂąteaux

Discover the vineyards of Saussignac in the slowest of ways by using the two nearby hiking loops: the one of Saussignac, and the one of Gageac and Rouillac – about 8 km each. In the midst of breathtaking vineyards, houses of character, churches and chñteaux will mark out your wanderings in the heart of the most organic vineyard of France.

You will be able to learn even more about the subject thanks to Caro Feely and her wine school. Initiation to wine tasting, visits that can go from one hour to an entire day, or even being involved in the harvests: you only have to choose the experience that matches your expectations.


We would certainly have a billion of other things to tell you about Saussignac, between its art exhibitions at the chñteau, its well-known Festival des Ploucs or its delicious Jazz in Saussignac. But isn’t slow tourism also taking the time to prepare one’s trip? In order to ensure this, let’s remain connected!

Address book:

ChĂąteau Feely

La Garrigue 24240 SAUSSIGNAC

Tel: 0553227271


Ecolieu de Cablanc

Cablanc 24240 SAUSSIGNAC

Tel: 0603769933


Le Café 1500

Le Bourg 24240 SAUSSIGNAC

Tel: 0642139367


Le Lion d’Or

Le Bourg 24240 SAUSSIGNAC

Tel: 0553247230


  28° Bergerac sec
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